The Boats

This is the official list of all Whitby Charter Skippers Association boats- The best charter boats operating out of Whitby.
Booking an angling trip on these boats ensures safety, great customer service and skippers with knowledge that is second to none.

Skipper: Shaun Elwick
Tel: 07721670810

Formerly known as Sea Urchin II, Alliance is now the sister vessel of Trot On and has skipper Shaun Elwick at the helm.
Shaun has over 30 years experience…..Read More



chieftan charters whitby

Skipper:George Metcalfe
Tel: 07530883805

Chieftan is Whitby Charter Skippers Association’s biggest vessel and offers long range fishing trips with levels of safety and comfort unrivalled by any other North Sea charter operation…..Read More


Jean K Whitby

Skipper: Kevin Marsden
Tel: 07885090930

Skippered by Kevin Marsden- Jean K offers value for money trips along with lots of deckspace on a boat that has been designed with anglers in mind……Read More


Linzie H Whitby

Linzie H
Skipper: Bill Reading

Skipper Bill Reading has over 30 years experience of working the Yorkshire Coast and states that an enjoyable, safe day is his priority when taking anglers out on Linzie H….Read More


Click to visit Mistress website

Skipper:Rich Cope

Tel: 07977 436903

Mistress skipper Rich Cope welcomes expert anglers and beginners alike to sample the best fishing Whitby has to offer….Read More


Saxon Lady Whitby

Saxon Lady
Skipper:Colin Freeman

Tel: 07919244743 or 01947605896

Saxon Lady offers traditional Whitby charter trips at various lengths to suit the anglers….Read More


Sea Otter 2 Whitby

Sea Otter 2
Skipper:Paul Kilpatrick
Tel: 07748705695

Veteran Whitby Skipper Paul Kilpatrick runs the very popular Sea Otter 2……Read More

Whitby Charter Boat Sea Urchin 3

Sea Urchin II
Skipper: Pete Rose
Tel: 07855439380

2016 is the latest chapter in the Whitby boat fishing legacy associated with the Sea Urchin name.
Skipper Pete Rose has upgraded to an excellent Pro Charter P4 to offer his anglers more speed and deck space than ever before……Read More

Shy Torque Whitby


Skipper: Rich Ward
Tel: 07733233352

One of Whitby’s fastest boats….Read More

Tina Dawn Whitby

Tina Dawn
Skipper: Mick Norden
Tel: 07881784655

Tina Dawn is a perfect example of a traditional Whitby fishing boat…Read More

Trot On Whitby

Skipper:Paul Eddon

A very popular Whitby charter boat- Trot On has an enviable reputation for big fish….Read More

Two Dogs Whitby

Two Dogs
Skipper:John Wilford
Tel: 07799756474

Skippered by Jon Wilford- Two Dogs is a fast Offshore 105…Read More